High dose Amanita

I want to share my many trips of fly agaric mushrooms. My travel: So this part is considered the second positive part of a larger trip on Amanita Muscaria on a high dose of product. (bought at Avalon)I started hand smoked a joint and smoked many hats, to prolong the effects and it is even bigger, I decided to make myself a cup of tea and eat some Amanita Amanita with chocolate, I do not know the real quantity, but there were many. I took time to make a good preparation for my mushrooms before my trip for it to dry and then consume, because every time I tried, I had very little effect. then j ‘ was outside in a good sunny day, I felt the effects rise gradually and I was sitting on a log and sides of me there was a small shrub. I felt a strong positive sentiment, with clear ideas and a very powerful open mind.It is from this point that I ask myself what can get me a trip on Amanita? It was the effect? Is it related to the imagination, which was a great discovery … While I was sitting, I could see my vision become tangled in the distance, but also very clear and detailed, as if the space was beautiful and much more pronounced on the feeling I had in general. since I sat 1:30 listening to music, which made ​​me a good listen and it is from this point that I told myself that I had to imagine something for my production designer to have a great imagination of a scene, a character or another on the product to see if it was powerful.

This was my first semi-visual hallucination and in my imagination, I realized that I could not concentrate on the imagination of some things, but all that came all alone. I began to see a face to form gradually in the bush, who spanked the quirk in his face like a moron and I saw him try to talk to me, and that’s when I realized that I was not in reality for a moment, because the face has disappeared. buy magic mushroom grow kitSo I felt a sharp rise of pleasure and of power, as megalomania and so I set out from my home, my body decided to move it to see the effects of the products. I was in the wilderness I don started walking down the street take shortcuts to go to understand the meaning, but this led me inner strength to move forward and not sit still. So I started to tell me that I was not in a normal state because I lost contact with reality, I walked without understanding and I had a kind of powerful effect on the beauty of the colors that was clearer and more beautiful, I felt literally disconnected from time itself because I saw them two hours of the afternoon and in my head I felt very late at night, my mind was disorganized over time, my patience was infinite. I planted sides of the street, imagining my strength like the Hulk, I could stop cars that passed without problem like him, these strange and highly detailed fantasy thoughts, made ​​me feel well-being. So I stopped walking and then another kind of visual hallucination in my head and it reproduces more complex, because I saw a girl behind me while I was on the wrong side and when I turned my head after she disappeared, so I felt a fear, so I ran up to me seeing what is trace of feet follow me and become paranoid points followed by me feel it, but I do see more. On my way home, I stopped worrying and start looking at the sky, I saw the clouds and trees differently turn on themselves. So I decided to close my eyes unconsciously, as many people on forums saying that it was possible to have hallucinations eyes awake. I decided to meditate and I started to travel deep into a journey into the astral which was very detailed and all that when some second space. The sky, the trees, the ego, imagination, the world ect. All that the creation of the gods, everyone was present path without that I think, but I was guided by the images and thoughts that I heard, all had a deep connection to our existence and I felt my dear and my soul is bound to the world that we create gods, the feeling was very strong and better than eternal happiness.

buy fresh magic trufflesSo I decide to continue this path in my room lying on my bed. I felt my juices from the tip of the feet when the head is off and feel empty and light, I felt the beating of my heart and I was relaxed. I began to listen to music meditations that was pretty low paced and I saw red and blue colors associated with each beat of the bass that represent my heart, because the feeling of emptiness, my heart made ​​me feel inside. then I went in a complex visual hallucination, very little detailed a snake, green train several million cubic form which are body and each cube was kaleidoscopic form for each cube that moved. I sat on the floor in the bathroom, I spent one hour sitting watching the light of my iPhone, trying to change a song, but I saw my members to slow down, unable to do anything either. And then I came back to me and I went back outside. then time passed it was only 4 hours from the mounted I felt this inner power. Some other visual hallucinations in the trees, I lay out in looking at the trees that form of animals and was clearer because the darkness. I told myself that the effects after hours will fade. But when I was having dinner, I saw on TV degenerated into full dinner with my father, I was afraid to ask him if the TV changed so weird because there were strange and very light color TV undulated, so I watched TV so highly concentrated at the slightest movement. Then I lie down in my bed, it was 18 hours of the evening I thought perhaps there will be other things. And then it was a very hard time visual, I began to look at the light and I saw each time a bubble coming towards me and disappeared, and it began again for long enough, then it was my lights in my room became stereoscopic , did not care what the balls, then I saw my furniture disappear and reappear and the door opened and closed. This delirium objects began to be boring and uninteresting and that’s where I fit into a dark tunnel and I saw a large white hole lit, so I instantly understand anything, I thought it looked like imminent death, but I could not stand the delirium of objects and lights in my room so I decided to sleep. Again the dreams were completely strange, I saw crazy as the head start making multiple grimace quickly, I saw the transformation scene of people I knew and the family who had become men or women, I thought it was strange because I had already made ​​lucid dreams, my thought was in my dreams to ask this question and the mess of my very detailed dreams.
I woke up the next day burst of energy and ecstasy. Here I hope that my TR will you most. This is not the only trip that I have lived, I have lived more murky and scary and I concluded that the products used on the brain can be mystical, but also dangerous. Be careful because when psychosis is born and takes not aware of the reality of the products, you can go out in a big psychological mess, it was me hard for a while.

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